My Philosophy

An important aspect of my personal philosophy is that, regardless of which
counselling methodology is practiced, there are no right or wrong ways for clients to
investigate their issues. Each of us have our own perception of how we view our own world. As a therapist, I want to listen to my client’s empathetically, in order to
understand how life is for them, maybe offering an alternative perspective here and
there, but only if and when appropriate.

Ultimately, the change has to come from the client’s themselves, when they feel
ready. In my practice, I help clients to gain the confidence they need to make
positive changes in their lives. I have always wanted the opportunity to help people,
and to support them as they make a difference in their lives. With the use of
counselling skills, I believe I can do this in a warm, caring and professionally ethical
way. On reflection of my counselling journey, I have come to recognise how it has
dramatically shaped my own life. The struggles I have coped with throughout my life,
have been eased through finding self-awareness. I have learnt through experience,
that reaching out professionally can not only enable others to overcome their battles,
but also offers valuable insight into ourselves as counsellors; into our own values
and beliefs. This, I believe, is one of counselling’s most precious gifts to the

The counselling relationship is a mutual learning experience which makes this a very
special profession indeed. It is all about team work. I couldn’t do my job without the
co-operation of my clients and they need my support to overcome their issues.
Working together, we develop new ways of thinking in the client, so that they can
leave behind old, negative patterns of behaviour. I enjoy seeing my clients make
progress. To watch a client as they unfold into a happier brighter version of
themselves, is the ultimate reward for a counselling practitioner.

It really is a win-win profession and I feel honoured and privileged to be a part of it.



Professional Counsellor

Of course you will want to know that the person helping you is fully qualified to do so.Let me reassure you on that right away. I have trained hard for several years and I am still working to develop professionally. I have created a private practice with a strong foundation in on-going training and ethical practice. Here are my counselling credentials;


BA Hons in Counselling Solutions


Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling


Diploma in Eating Disorders


Diploma in Mindfulness


Level 3 Award in Life Coaching


I am a Registered Member of the BACP and I am continuing to work towards BACP accreditation. I also have over three years’ experience working with South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association.