This is a question you might have been asking yourself for some time or you might
be here simply out of curiosity. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your topic is,
counselling can help with a vast range of issues, both large and small. Anything
which stops you from living the life you want, needs to be addressed. Talking it
through with a qualified professional could be the answer.

Talking therapy can help you to peel away the layers that surround the issue, to
detect what is lying at the core. In doing this, you are challenging yourself to
overcome the issue. This in turn facilitates changes in behaviour, which enables you
to form new perspectives and make a fresh start.

Using my counselling service can help you to live your life more fully. Counselling is
a way of guiding someone through their darker days, helping them to find new ways
of coping. I believe each person already has answers locked away inside them
somewhere; counselling may hold the key to unlock those answers. Together we can
work through your issues in a safe and gentle manner.


As an experienced practicing counsellor, I regard myself to be a form of support to
my clients, regardless of who they are or what they bring to therapy. Counselling isn’t
just for extreme cases or certain types of people. From personal experience I have
seen how struggling with issues can cause a person to become stuck. Becoming
stuck can create a huge amount of anxiety, which can stop you from living a full and
healthy life. I consider counselling to be a very special and unique profession, which
offers a non-judgmental, unbiased, supportive space, allowing clients to reflect on
their life and challenge their own beliefs and values. It is a universally beneficial
practice, regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, background or culture. It really
is for everyone...including you!

So if you think I can be of assistance to you in your hour of need, get in touch today
and we will find a way to make the changes you need, so you can start living your
best life.